Covid-19 Safety Measures

With the world slowly beginning to re-open, all businesses are figuring out ways to re-open safely. Here at Marula Lodge we have put together the following safety measures as recommended to us by MSF (Doctors Without Borders). We are aware that even with the most stringent safety measures in place there is still a possibility that the virus reaches Mfuwe by means other than guests, and we will be keeping a close eye on any developments. In the event that the virus does reach Mfuwe, we will close immediately, and any guests staying at the lodge will be refunded the remaining portion of their stay. For future bookings that would be affected by closing we will refund payment minus the admin and bank fees.

Please take the time to read the safety measures below in detail, and if you have any questions, let us know through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  • No mask no entry. All staff and guests will be required to wear approved face masks at all times on the property. Entry will be denied without one.

  • Marula Lodge staff will be using protective face shields, and Plexiglas barriers will be put in place on all interaction counters such as reception and the bar. These will be cleaned each day, with staff using cleaned PPE which will be rotated between wash and wear cycles.

  • Screening:

    • We will be using a calibrated infra-red thermometer to take temperatures of all staff before, during and after the work day, recording all temperatures for future records.

    • Guests will be screened in accordance with WHO and MSF requirements, with all details for contact tracing and checking for symptoms and exposure.

    • Guests travelling from other countries will be screened and monitored for symptoms during their stay.

  • Hand sanitizer:

    • We will provide no-contact hand sanitizer spray units around the lodge, including at reception, the bar and the dining areas for staff and guests to use frequently, as well as before entrance onto the property.

    • Each room will be provided with hand sanitizer for guests to use around the chalet after contact with any surface.

    • Sanitizing wet wipes will be available on request.

    • All staff will be constantly sanitizing their hands at each interaction with guests.

  • Social Distancing:

    • We will observe strict 1.5m social distancing while on the property, and any queuing areas will have clearly demarcated lines for each person to stand behind.

    • We will be arranging the seating in a way that no seats are closer than 1.5m apart, with dining areas restricted per table to a limited number of people within the same group.

    • We will only open at half the capacity of the lodge to reduce the possible number of people on the property at any one time, with staff numbers being reduced on a rotational basis as well.

    • Game drives and other activities will be with no more than 6 people per vehicle, with a maximum of 2 per row, each one on a “window seat”.

    • We will not operate a buffet, but serve each meal individually to avoid close grouping.

    • The swimming pool will be off limits.

  • Staff PPE:

    • All staff will use disposable medical gloves which will be replaced each day

    • All staff will wear full face shields

    • Kitchen staff will wear sterilized clothing including hat/hair mask, full face shields and cloth masks.

  • Staff training:

    • All staff will be trained in accordance with WHO recommendations.

  • Contactless transactions:

    • We recommend using credit/debit cards for all transactions to reduce contact and exchange of cash. The 5% Credit Card surcharge will still apply.

    • We will try to minimize staff contact with guest property, meaning no carrying of bags, and avoiding contact guest personal belongings during housekeeping.

  • Operations:

    • We will not operate an open bar or restaurant for non-guests, to limit the number of people on the property at any one time.

    • We reserve the right to deny access to anyone not willing to adhere to the regulations, as well as the right to evict any person who is not following the regulations once checked in.

    • We will not be offering binoculars for game drives.

    • Snacks during activities will be self-serve, or pre-packed.

  • Emergency procedure:

    • In the case of a guest or staff member developing symptoms, the Ministry of Health will be contacted immediately, and quarantine of the lodge and all guests will be implemented until the suspected person has been tested and the result is negative.

    • In the case of a positive test, all government protocol will be implemented, and the patient will be moved to Petauke hospital for treatment.

  • General: We know that 99% of our guests will have no problem adhering to these safety measures, and we ask that any suggestions to improve the safety around the lodge be given to the manager on duty for our consideration and implementation. We wish to remind everyone that this is a group effort, and that safety is the highest priority.


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