Giving Back to the People of Zambia

Zambia is rich in wildlife, friendly people, amazing natural wonders and much more, but it is also a country that struggles with unemployment and poverty.

As a small family owned business we make sure that our presence and impact in Mfuwe and in Zambia is positive and sustainable, while giving back in ways we know will have long lasting, far reaching effects.

Raise a Smile Zambia

Jenny Waterhouse, Marula Lodge's real mother (Ambuya as she's known locally), runs the N.G.O. Raise a Smile here in Mfuwe and other areas in the Mambwe district. Through this organisation and others we have built several free to learn public libraries where people of all ages are welcomed and the focus is on literacy, learning through reading, and preparing for the last two years of school which are in English instead of the local language, ChiNyanja.

Helping Hands in Snake Safety

Helping Hands in Snake Safety, or HHiSS for short, is an NGO founded by Lauren and Ken Waterhouse, fueled by a passion for these amazing, often misunderstood creatures. This interest grew into a deeper understanding of how serious the issue of snakebite first aid, treatment, and snake handling training is within Zambia. From a grassroots project to a fully registered NGO, HHiSS now provides free and Zambia specific information, training and demonstrations to help people stay safe in areas with snakes, and as an extra bonus, help snakes stay safe around people. For more information, check out

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Conservation South Luangwa

Of course none of us would be here if it weren’t for the wonderful wildlife in the South Luangwa National Park.

Conservation South Luangwa ( under the leadership of Rachel McRobb and her dedicated team as well as the Department of National Parks and Wildlife, who work tirelessly to protect and conserve our pristine environment. If you would like to support this wonderful organisation please look at their website. Donations will be gladly accepted once you are here.